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A lovely morning in the Daintree Valley

A lovely morning in the Daintree Valley

Posted: 20 Feb 2018

A lovely morning in the Daintree Valley which is looking as beautiful as ever after all the rain last week so we took a leisurely drive along the Upper Daintree road. The rainforest and cattle pastures all Incredibly lush and the cattle all...

Look what can be found

Look what can be found

Posted: 24 Jan 2018

Look what can be found hiding in the Fan Palms Trees, this little Peppermint Stick Insect, spotted regularly at our morning tea site in Cape Tribulation.

Visit www.daintreetours.com for more information on our small personalized tours depa...

Our first mangoes

Our first mangoes

Posted: 10 Nov 2017

Our first mangoes and these are the delicious, sweet, soft-fleshed R2E2 variety. They are still a little unripe but we are just trying to save a few for ourselves before the Spectacled Flying Foxes discover them! The tree is loaded at the t...

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About Mossman

Mossman is a typical North Queensland country town nestled at the foot of the mountains among bright green fields of sugar cane. Situated 20km (15 minute drive) north of Port Douglas, the township is home to five primary schools, one high school, an historic pub, and a number of country stores that line the wide main street. As the last main town before the Daintree River it is a service centre for people heading North, so it's a good place to fill up and stock up on all the essentials.


Sugar Industry
With a population of 1800, the town relies heavily on the sugar cane industry. Mossman Sugar Mill is the region’s biggest sugar mill, starting life as a grower owned co-operative sugar mill back in 1894. In 1897, Mrs Annie Rose fed the first sugarcane into the mill, with the mill producing its first sugar after crushing 27,905 tonnes of cane for the initial season. In 1906, Mossman Mill became the first Queensland mill to crush over 100,000 tonnes of cane. That season lasted just under 8 months, extending from June 1906 to late January 1907.

Initially, sugar was shipped from Port Douglas, however road transport eventually came to the forefront and became the preferred mode of transport for sugar to the bulk sugar terminal in Cairns. Guided tours of the entire process of making sugar are available inside the mill during the sugar cane crushing season (June-October). 

Mossman Sugar

Mossman Gorge
Five minutes west of Mossman township (approx 2km), you will discover Mossman Gorge, a stunning natural beauty in the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Mossman Gorge forms the southern part of the Daintree National Park and is the traditional homeland of the indigenous Kuku Yalanji people.

Carved by the Mossman River, the gorge is a boulder-strewn valley where sparkling water washes over ancient rocks. It contains the oldest, continuously surviving rainforest on earth. Just one hectare of the 120,000 hectare forest can contain over 30,000 species of plants and animals.

mossman gorge
The Kuku Yalanji people strive to protect their natural heritage by sharing its unique qualities with visitors. Guided bushwalks are available that give a rare insight into the special relationship the local indigenous people have with the rainforest. The fantastic Mossman Gorge Centre houses an art gallery and Mayi Café & Restaurant which features predominantly locally sourced produce infused with Indigenous bush ingredients. Electric shuttle buses operate daily from the centre every 15 mins, from 8am until 6pm, transporting visitors the final 2km into the gorge (fees apply). Bookings for the 1.5 hour Indigenous Dreamtime Gorge Walk can be made through the Mossman Gorge Centre.

The tour includes:-

  • Traditional smoking ceremony
  • Stories of the Kuku Yalanji culture and traditions
  • Experienced Indigenous guides
  • Intimate group tour (approx 15 guests)
  • Exclusive access to Kuku Yalanji land
  • Visit a sacred ceremony site
  • Soap & ochre paint making demonstration
  • Bush tea and damper

mossman gorge
Rainforest Walks
You can also embark on your own adventure through the Gorge. Walking tracks loop along the river where you can stop and enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the many water holes. These sheltered retreats offer the perfect location for a refreshing dip - please be mindful as the currents can be swift. 

The complete Rainforest Circuit track takes 45 mins. This track begins on the far side of Rex Creek bridge. On the left, 80m from the bridge a small lookout provides views of Manjal Dimbi (Mount Demi). A little way past the lookout the track divides to form a circuit that meanders through the rainforest. Strangler fig trees and a variety of epiphytic plants are prominent features of the rainforest. Bright butterflies are commonly sighted, and observant visitors may find a Boyd's forest dragon, a large colourful lizard, clinging to a tree trunk.

mossman gorge

Nearby Attractions
The region surrounding Mossman is home to a number of attractions including the superb Silky Oaks Lodge. Silky Oaks Lodge is one of Australia’s premier luxury lodges, spectacularly situated on the Mossman Gorge River. The open sided Tree house restaurant perched high above the surrounding rainforest and river is the perfect place to enjoy lunch or a refreshing cocktail amongst the rainforest canopy. Accommodation comprises of contemporary treehouses, each providing a relaxed ambience to enjoy the beautiful natural rainforest surrounds.

Silky Oaks
Nearby is Shannonvale Winery where you can sample a range of Tropical Fruit Table Wines and Tropical Fruit Ports. All the fruits have big flavours and are grown organically in the Shannonvale orchard. 

Flames of the Forest is situated ten minutes from Port Douglas and offers two unique dining experiences in a beautiful rainforest environment. Choose from an Aboriginal Cultural Experience or an intimate Rainforest Dining Experience. The award winning menu and inspirational entertainment make this a once in a lifetime feast for your senses.

Sweet Farm Tours will take you on an educational journey covering everything you ever wanted to know about Australian origin cocoa and a working sugarcane farm. Your journey will include a personalised Farmer guided tour through a working cocoa and sugarcane farm, Visitor centre entry showcasing the Australian cocoa and sugarcane processing from Estate to Plate, movie viewing from a unique outdoor threatre area overlooking the beautitful Whyanbeel Valley river and complientary Australian Origin chocoalte tastings.

sweet farm tours
For birdwatching enthusiasts join Del, your experienced and well respected bird watching guide, for a day out spotting endemic birds of the region. Over 430 species of birds have been recorded in the area encompassing the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef regions of Australia. This is more than half the bird species for the entire continent. Fine Feather Tours operate full and half day tours around the Mossman area. There are 8 distinct habitats in this area including lowland rainforest, mudflats, mangroves, saltmarsh, upland rainforest, wetland, grassland, and the much drier savannah woodland, which is why Mossman is an ideal starting point for serious bird watching.