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About Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery

Award winning wines

Award winning wines

Award winning wines from Tropical Fruit and no they are not sweet and sticky. 

All but one of our wines are single-fruit wines.  The exception being the Sunset Tawny Port. Our tropical fruit wines range from very dry wines to Ports and they are all of commercial standard.
All the fruits we use have big flavours and are grown organically in our own orchard. The flavours of the fruits are retained in the wine.

Tropical Fruit Table Wines:

  • Mango - Light flavour & Medium, full flavour
  • Passionfruit - Dry Medium flavour
  • Lime - Dry, Medium flavour
  • Jaboticaba - Medium style and dry
  • Ginger - Medium-flavour, medium dry/sweet
  • Lychee - Big full flavour

Tropical Fruit Ports:

  • Oranges - Liqueur Port
  • Chocolate - A rich Port and a terrific flavouring
  • Black Sapote - Rich and highly complex (The Chocolate Pudding fruit)
  • Kaffir Lime - Citric and zingy full flavour
  • Lychee -  A rich soft chewy Lychee fortified dessert wine
  • Sunset Tawny Port - A blend of the Jaboticaba table wine and the Black Sapote Port

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